Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday (5): The Elite by Kiera Cass

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly bookish event hosted by Breaking the Spine. This is a meme that many book blogs participate in to goggle over highly anticipated upcoming releases and fabulous covers and authors!

During March, Dani and I skipped the Waiting on Wednesday meme for the entire month thanks to something called schoolwork. I feel really bad about doing that, it's bad for my blogger conscience, so even though I'm rather busy today I will do my WOW on The Elite by Kiera Cass.

The Elite (The Selection, #2)Goodreads Synopsis:

Thirty-five girls came to the palace to compete in the Selection. All but six have been sent home. And only one will get to marry Prince Maxon and be crowned princess of Iléa.

America still isn’t sure where her heart lies. When she’s with Maxon, she’s swept up in their new and breathless romance, and can’t dream of being with anyone else. But whenever she sees Aspen standing guard around the palace, and is overcome with memories of the life they planned to share. With the group narrowed down to the Elite, the other girls are even more determined to win Maxon over—and time is running out for America to decide.

Just when America is sure she’s made her choice, a devastating loss makes her question everything again. And while she’s struggling to imagine her future, the violent rebels that are determined to overthrow the monarchy are growing stronger and their plans could destroy her chance at any kind of happy ending.

I realize it is a little late to be doing a WOW on this, especially since The Elite comes out in about 2 weeks, but I am anticipating this novel and I wish I did a WOW showcase on it earlier. The Selection was pretty good to me, (view our review on that HERE), and I'm wondering what Kiera is going to do with the world she created. The Selection felt like a prolonged introduction, and I'm pretty sure the real action will start in The Elite. It is a dystopia, so I'm building up my suspicions on what is going to happen. Only 13 more days left to wait! I will be getting a copy of this ASAP, and most definitely Dani and I will post a review for it. 

View The Elite on Goodreads for early reviews, discussions, and all around info!


P.S. Alright, this part is completely unrelated to the WOW, but I feel a need to blog my current frustration. I am pretty darn pissed that my pre-order of The Collector by Victoria Scott has not shown up in my mailbox. I PREORDERED it and it is currently MIA. Me and especially Dani were really hyped up for this book and I am gritting my teeth waiting for it. I'm waiting a few more days just in case the post was slow or something the last few days with Easter and all right before the books release, before I start complaining to The Book Depository. I MUST have this book, and I want to kick my bedpost or something right now because it is not showing up. Okay, this was pretty useless to tell people, but I needed a rant. :) 


  1. I chose this book a while ago for my WoW! As for the preorder thingy, I hate when that happens! It's happened to me a couple times!

    My WoW at

    1. When you preordered your book did it ever arrive?
      Glad you enjoyed the WoW :)


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