Monday, April 29, 2013

It's a Sentinel Teaser!

Sentinel (Covenant, #5)

JLA recently posted a SENTINEL teaser on Facebook, and Dani and I would like to share it with you all. For all you Team Seth fans...(if there are any left???)...this is your hope. 

Okay, the teaser now:

“Poor Persephone.” He stared down his nose at the god. “That must be hard on her if that’s what gets you off.”
I wrinkled my nose.
“If her name drips from your forked tongue one more time, I will rip it out,” Hades promised, voice deadly low.
Was his tongue really forked?
His lips curled up on one side. “What? You don’t like me talking about your wife?” He looked over at the three of us. “Is abduction as a means of marriage still all the rage these days?”
Seth arched a brow.
“Uh… no,” I said, shaking my head. “It’s really frowned upon.”
Hades cheeks deepened in color. “You’re really pushing me.”
“I haven’t even begun to push," the Titan replied.
Aiden sighed and said under his breath, “Well, this conversation has really digressed.”
“Yeah,” I muttered, crossing my arms as I watched the two try to out snark each other.
This is going smoothly. Seth’s voice filtered through my thoughts.
I kept my eyes on the Titan. He’s not that… bad. I mean, all things considered, right?
His answering chuckle tugged at my lips. I sort of like him.
Of course.

Well, it's nice to know Seth has been hanging around Alex and Aiden and so far no one is trying to rip each others throats out. That's always a positive! Looks like we will be seeing more of Persephone (I really liked her in Apollyon), and Hades (who I am a little bit mad at, but he supposedly has a British accent to make up for it!). It seems that the Titans will also have a role in Sentinel, which I am uber excited about. They've been mentioned in the past books and they will finally be making an appearance. Maybe this has something to do with Titan's blood? 

For those who haven't seen JLA's message, Sentinel has been moved up one month for release! (YES). It was previously scheduled for December 2013, but its has been pushed to November 2nd instead. Sentinel is currently up for pre-order on Amazon. 

Cannot wait to read this! I know it will be amazing, and well it is JLA. How could I possibly deny reading a book written by her? 

Hoped you enjoyed the tease! This is the first one she's posted in a while. 

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