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Welcome to A Walk on Words! Here you will find 2 somewhat normal teenage girls named Danielle and Stephanie fangirling hysterically about various books. Not surprisingly, Dani and Steph bonded over BOOKS. This book obsession started when Steph told Dani to read The Iron King by Julie Kagawa. (See review!) Thus, they have become best friends.
Also, to any future boyfriends, our fantasies with our BB’s are in our minds, and will stay there :)

Danielle (Dani):
*We always have commentary from the other in almost all of our posts. Steph's commentary will be in this lovely purple color*
Dani is a Florida girl through and through, and enjoys her state’s hot, sunny, and humid weather. She enjoys Florida’s various beaches and and theme parks. She has watched almost every classic Disney cartoon. Yes, Dani is one of those weird people who supposedly too old for those types of movies, but Dani believes that cute movies can be enjoyed by people of all ages. 
Dani is a high schooler at an IB program, the same school as Steph, who happens to enjoy school....just a little bit. ;) She is constantly on the lookout for YA books that pertain to dance, but sadly there have not been many books like that published. Dani loves dance with all her heart, strength, and soul; it is her passion. Dani mainly does ballet, jazz, lyrical/contemporary, and modern, but has also has taken a few hip hop and musical theatre classes. So be warned if Dani posts something that has nothing to do with books whatsoever but does involve DANCE.
          Dani and Steph both love the Lord of the Rings movies. They almost had a movie marathon of all 3 movies, but unfortunately did not finish because each movie is about 3 hours long. Legolas, a very extremely sexy and handsome elf, also has a special place in their, especially Stephs, hearts even though their conception of Legolas is based off of the Lord of the Rings movies, not the books. Legolas’s personality in the movie is relatively different to his personality in J.R.R. Tolkien’s books.

Favorite movies: Anastasia(which is NOT a Disney movie! Contrary to popular belief, Anastasia is a 20th Century Fox movie and not a Disney movie), The Frog Princess, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hobbit, Spirited Away, How to Train Your Dragon, Les Miserables, City Lights

Hobbies: reading, dancing, spending time with friends, running, yoga
Favorite books: Iron Fey series, Covenant series, Lux series, Pride and Prejudice, Fairest, The Killer Angels
Favorite book crush: Ash. He was my first book crush!

This is Dani's favorite book boy. Ever.

Stephanie (Steph): 
*Dani's comments will be in this color*
Steph is also a Florida girl, though she would happily do without the hot weather and humidity. Its not exactly the best thing for your hair and skin after all. Unlike Dani, Steph was not raised on Disney movies/Disney channel. Yes, you may gasp for a second because she has never watched The Lion King movie all the way through *Dani gasps* She grew up on Hayao Miyazaki’s fantasy movies instead, such as Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, and Princess Mononoke. In her opinion, they are much more interesting than disney stories will ever be. Perhaps this explains why one of her favorite book genres is fantasy/paranormal. I suggest you go watch some of those instead :). 
Ash from The Iron Fey series will also always have a place in Steph’s heart as well. He is amazing and sweet and one of the best male YA characters ever created. Thank you, Julie Kagawa. You will be in both Steph’s and Dani’s YA Hall of Fame forever.
Yes, Stephanie is a sucker for The Lord of the Rings movies. She wishes Aragorn and Legolas were real people, and not actors. 9 hours is nothing to her when watching these movies.

 Steph is a bit of an insomniac. Not because she just can’t sleep, but because something magical called books keep her reading late into the night. Almost every night. She is a re-reader, and if she doesn’t have a “current read”, then she will pick something off the shelf. Some of the many re-read victims are The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan (read at least 12 times), The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (read at least 6 times), and all of the Harry Potter books (read the series through at least 5 times, and read the first book at least 10 times). Steph pretty much has an annual Harry Potter re-read-the-series marathon.

Favorite movies: Hayao Miyazaki movies such as Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke

 Hobbies: Reading, listening to almost every kind of music, watching television dramas, watching anime, recreationial volleyball and swimming.
Favorite genres: mysteries, paranormals, fantasies, dystopia, un-ridiculous romances
Favorite books: Harry Potter, Vampire Academy, Covenant, Lux, The Iron Fey
Dislikes: classics besides The Wizard of Oz and George Orwell books, homework, school, allergies, being sick, humidity, seafood.
Fun random fact: Used to play volleyball on competitive team but had to stop due to back issues. You should feel bad for Steph's back.

Honorary Word Walker: Bevvy (Beverly)

*Beverly will post her own thoughts and reviews from time to time. Especially if it has Jace Lightwood involved.*
Beverly was born in California but presently lives in Florida. The beginning of her passion for writing and reading can be attributed to her mother, who never failed to read a bedtime story to young Beverly.
Beverly’s first publication was at age four when she submitted a poem to a local poetry competition. Ever since, her ambition has been to publicize her work as much as possible through publishing and blogging. Though her online blog (www.welcometoreality.wordpress.com) has suffered much neglect due to high school, anyone interested is welcome to delve into Beverly’s soul through her posts. In lieu of writing novels, which was her original intent in writing, Beverly has settled on exploring the horizons of poetry.
Besides reading and writing, Beverly enjoys watching movies, playing the violin, doing math and going to math competitions, baking, learning, catching up on her magazine subscriptions (although that technically qualifies as reading), going on her Tumblr, and going on long walks. In school, Beverly is notorious for being an overachiever and having, er, boy problems. HAHAHAHA Though Stephanie and Danielle’s fevered passion for book boyfriends is slightly overwhelming for Beverly, she admits to having a soft spot for attractive ink-and-paper males as well. Such as JACE (see her City of Lost Souls review review), Marcello, and Ash

Favorite genres: classics, anthologies of poetry, and some modern adult/young-adult fiction.
Favorite books: Of Mice and Men, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, The Alchemist, Life of Pi, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Bell Jar, Matilda, Killer Angels, and the Harry Potter series.
Hobbies: reading, writing, baking, going on long walks, going on Tumblr
Favorite movies: Casablanca, Schindler’s List, Life of Pi, How to Train Your Dragon, Tangled, An Affair to Remember, The Avengers, Sleepless in Seattle, To Kill a Mockingbird, Les Miserables, and Gone with the Wind
Favorite book crush: Jace Lightwood/whatever his last name is now. Remember, BEVERLY LOVED HIM FIRST.

And that's us!



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    Witch: A New Beginning (The Witch Series 1)
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