Rating System

5 Stars--One of the BEST BOOKS we have ever read!!! This is the kind of book you can read over and over and not get tired of it; the kind that sparks a new obsession. By our opinion, it is imperative that you read it.


4 Stars--A GREAT READ! The kind that makes you stay up a little later into the night to finish, and will keep you thinking about it throughout the day. 


3 Stars--A GOOD READ! It's a mostly enjoyable story, and worth reading in your spare time. It might not have a specific "oomph" to it though. 


2 Stars--A questionable read. There was something about this book that just irked us as wrong. We wouldn't read it again, but somebody else may like it.

1 Star--It just didn't do it for us. There was probably plot holes and characters that we just couldn't come to like. We couldn't really find anything appealing, and we don't recommend it to anyone in particular. This rating will also be given to any book we just couldn't finish.


For almost every book A Walk on Word reviews, Dani and Steph will BOTH rate them unless one has not read the book. Sometimes we will use 0.5s when we rate books because we simply cannot decide which level it falls into. We also publish the average of our 2 ratings as the "overall rating".

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