Monday, October 14, 2013

The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead Trailer #2

Alrighty! Richelle just posted the 2nd Fiery Heart trailer tonight! Here it is for you to view in all its glory. Gah these teaser lines are killing me!

Ok, well I think the acting in this one is slightly better in this one than the first. Slightly; still feel like its lacking some force, but hey the music was good and somber. I'm pretty nervous about this now.

At first, I was pretty thrown off by Adrian's "I NEED IT". Thought it was a joke of him yelling for his alcohol or something...but it ended up being some family heirloom? Never seen Adrian so serious and desperate before... I'm really excited to find out what Adrian's all wound up about.

But after that.

That bed scene glimpse. 

Oh god. 

Give it to me! (Stephen Colbert)

Need this. So. Badly.

I'll post all of the subsequent trailers as well!

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