Saturday, November 3, 2012

More Study Series Books!

We haven't heard this HUMONGOUS news, while many other people have known about it. Shame on us, right!?
Maria. V Snyder, author of the Study series (check our banners list, it's one of our favorites), has contracted with her publishers for 3 more books about Yelena and Valek!!! EEEEEE!!!
They are set to come out in 2014, which is too long for our tastes. What do you think?
We love and miss the cast of Study, and the current three books just aren't enough to sate us, even if we reread them over and over!
GOD WE MUST HAVE THE FEELS!!!! It will be hard to fall asleep tonight after the round of exultant screaming and jumping just now.

Check out Maria V Snyder's blog post about it here:

This post can also found on her Facebook Page. 

Current Books in the series that you should check out too!!!  
Poison Study (Study, #1)                 Magic Study (Study, #2)                 Fire Study (Study, #3)

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