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Review: Daimon by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Daimon (Covenant #0.5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Reviewed by Dani and Steph
Steph’s Rating: 3 stars Dani’s Rating: 3 stars Overall: 3 stars

Goodreads Synopsis:
"Love in my world usually ended up with someone hearing 'I smite thee ' as she was cursed to be some lame flower for the rest of her life." For three years, Alexandria has lived among mortals--pretending to be like them and trying to forget the duty she'd been trained to fulfill as a child of a mortal and a demigod. At seventeen, she's pretty much accepted that she's a freak by mortal standards... and that she'll never be prepared for that duty. According to her mother, that's a good thing.But as every descendant of the gods knows, Fate has a way of rearing her ugly head. A horrifying attack forces Alex to flee Miami and try to find her way back to the very place her mother had warned her she should never return-the Covenant. Every step that brings her closer to safety is one more step toward death... because she's being hunted by the very creatures she'd once trained to kill. The daimons have found her.

This will be a quickie review!!!
Steph’s Review:
This prequel was really, really unnecessary to me. It is just a very short story of Alex’s life in the mortal world before she is dragged back to the Covenant. Problem is, Half-Blood recaps the gist of this entire book, so if you read Half-Blood before Daimon like Dani and I, this prequel was especially dull since you already know everything that happens. If Daimon wasn’t out there, Half-Blood would still give you plenty of background on Alex’s life so that you wouldn’t even have to read the prequel.
I have to give some points to Jennifer though, because if you didn’t read this after Half-Blood, it was probably a lot more suspenseful and exciting. Alex is pretty badass in the human world as well (yeah, she’s beating people up), and as resourceful as she is in the other books in the series. I did sympathize and feel bad for her in this book sometimes, since this is basically where Alex’s life starts to come apart at the seams. It was a pretty good introduction into the Covenant series I suppose. It gives you glimpses of what the Covenant was like and how its system worked, but not so much that it just blew the plot of the actual first book. It leaves you quite interested in finding out the rest of Alex’s story (if you actually did/are planning to read it before Half-Blood that is).
To any readers that haven’t actually read Half-Blood, and you want to start reading the Covenant series (which I wholeheartedly recommend!), you should definitely read Daimon before Half-Blood. If you don’t, and you backtrack to the prequel, Daimon will seem very boring to you. I don’t want anyone thinking less of the Covenant series, which is one of my all-time favorite series, because of one iffy installment. So, this series needs to be read in sequential order.

Dani’s Review:
I believe that few books can be described in a single word, but Daimon is an exception. My one word to describe Daimon: boring. I feel like it is cruel to call one of Jennifer Armentrout’s books boring because i am a HUGE fan of her Covenant and Lux series, but that’s what I thought about this prequel. I had read Half-Blood before Daimon, so I already knew what was going to happen. Daimon was intended to be read BEFORE Half-Blood because it was released previously to get readers hyped up for a new book series, but unfortunately, that’s not how it was with Steph and I. As a result, I found Daimon boring.

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