Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! -- 2014 Resolution

Well, well, Happy 2014! I ended up not blogging at midnight for it since I watched the Ball Drop. Hopefully 2014 brings great luck, smiles, and friendships to all of you! With 2014, Dani will also be back to blogging! (Remember the blogging break I told you about?)

I have a few resolutions this year for this blog. 2013 was basically our first full year of blogging and I guess the year we worked out what we wanted to do with this blog. So a few things:

1. Steady Posts: I had some months where I would go crazy with posting and be blogging almost every day and then some stunted months where I would have 5 measly posts. No more of that. With this resolution, I'm going to put a minimum number of posts per month at 8 posts. That is a minimum, and we'll try to have more posts than that. 8 is just a safety number for me in case I have an especially busy month. 

2. Blogging Memes: Teaser Tuesday, what happened to you? I really slacked off on the TT's toward the end of the year even though it's my favorite blogging meme. This year I am determined to follow through with it to the end of the year. We also want to start doing some Swoon Thursdays. So for blogging memes, my goal is to try to do at least one meme every week. 

3. Review Requests: We were on and off for review requests in 2013 and overall, we just prefer reviewing at our own pace. We found that when we had lots of review requests, we ended up focusing our time onto things other than what we wanted to read. We are still open to requests, but we probably won't accepts as many anymore. 

4. 2014 Goodreads Challenge: 100 books was not enough last year. We finished that goal at the beginning of October. This year, we're going to up it to 120 books and see what happens. Easy? Difficult? 

Hope this will be a great blogging year for us! Happy New Year to you all!

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