Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to all of you! Did you get chocolate? Flowers? Cards? Books? Perfume (random, I know :)? Some of those good old XOXO's from your loved ones? Well Dani and I have a wonderful V-day tale to tell you...


We went to go see the Othello play by Shakespeare! Classic tragic play, Valentine's day. Ironic much? It was actually a mandatory school trip, and even the actors found it funny that they were performing this on the official day of love. If you don't know the Othello plot, I'm not going to be a big bad spoil and tell you everything that happens, but you can imagine it's a little something like the 7th Harry Potter book if you get what I'm saying. Yes, this is why I'm posting a V-Day post so late in the day. We didn't get home until a few hours ago and this is my first chance to type anything up.

Dani and I currently have a GIVEAWAY going on for an e-book of Primal by D.A. Serra. We did a Blog Tour on this, and there aren't many entries right now, so if you enter you've got a big chance of winning it! Winning books for Valentines? That'd make my day! 

Here is the REVIEW link.
Here is the GIVEAWAY link. 

*Please note that the Giveaway is tagged on at the end of our Author Interview with D.A. Serra, so you'll have to scroll for a while until you see the rafflecopter box*

Hope everyone has been having a great day so far! 

Dani and Steph

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