Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Walk on Words Book Reviews LAUNCH

Welcome to A Walk on Words! Here you will find besties Stephanie and Danielle, two book loving teenage girls. We have several hobbies, but the one that you will find on this site is book reviewing.
We love books so much that we lament the end of book series, an author ending a novel on a dreadful cliffhanger, and waiting for an author to release the latest book in a beloved series.

We hope that you enjoy our reviews and this website, which are both currently in construction! We will also be active on Goodreads for posting reviews and rating books as well! Thank you!

~A Walk on Words


  1. lol my blog on tumblr is a walk on the beach....so i like ur title

  2. Niiiice I also like your name choice for your tumblr :)

  3. I love this you guys!! I'm gonna read it all the time :)

  4. Yay cool! :) You can subscribe to us if you want.

  5. Thanks Claire! :) Is Naleui your real name or something?


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