Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Lost Prince is RELEASED!

The Lost Prince, Julie Kagawa's newest book, was released YESTERDAY, OCTOBER 23RD! Steph and I are HUGE fans of Julie Kagawa and her Iron Fey series. The Lost Prince is the first book in a spinoff series of the Iron Fey named The Call of the Forgotten.

For those of you who are familiar with The Iron Fey book series(reviews coming soon!) and its plot, this series is all about Meghan's brother, Ethan Chase. Steph and I read reviews from bloggers who read the Lost Prince ARC (advanced reader copy) and they said that Julie Kagawa has done it again: She has created another marvelous novel. Although, some said that they were mortified that they were crushing on Ethan because he's MEGHAN'S LITTLE BROTHER. 12 years has passed since the end of the last Iron Fey book, The Iron Knight.
Also, Meghan and Ash's son Keirran will be a main character.

Review for The Lost Prince coming soon! Can't wait to be blown away by Julie Kagawa's masterful storytelling!


  1. We have. We've read a lot of books lol! Possible review coming soon? Maybe.


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