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Review: Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase

Suddenly Royal (Suddenly, #1)Suddenly Royal by Nichole Chase
Steph's Rating: 4 stars
Overall Rating: 4 stars

Format: Mass Market Paperback
Publication Date: March 30th, 2013
Publisher: Avon
Pages: 400

Goodreads Synopsis:

Samantha Rousseau is used to getting her hands dirty. Working toward a master’s degree in wildlife biology while helping take care of her sick father, she has no time for celebrity gossip, designer clothes, or lazy vacations. So when a duchess from the small country of Lilaria invites her to dinner, Samantha assumes it’s to discuss a donation for the program. The truth will change the course of her life in ways she never dreamed.

Alex D’Lynsal is trying to keep his name clean. As crown prince of Lilaria, he’s had his share of scandalous headlines, but the latest pictures have sent him packing to America and forced him to swear off women—especially women in the public eye. That is, until he meets Samantha Rousseau. She’s stubborn, feisty, and incredibly sexy. Not to mention heiress to an estate in his country, which makes her everyone’s front-page news.

While Sam tries to navigate the new world of politics and wealth, she will also have to dodge her growing feelings for Alex. Giving in to them means more than just falling in love; it would mean accepting the weight of an entire country on her shoulders.

Steph's Review:

*FYI, this is a New Adult/Adult novel, for those sensitive to the genre*

Suddenly Royal is a light and flirty read for fans of contemporary romance! This is one of the books I won in the Molly McAdams Pranktacular Giveaway, and I was immediately drawn to this book above all of the other prizes as soon as I read the synopsis. I just knew this was going to be a fun read for me.

Samantha (Sam) Rousseau is a grad student wildlife biologist at a university in Minnesota. She's busy with her degree, her work, and taking care of her stepfather, and doesn't give attention to many things outside of that. When a Duchess and Prince arrive at the university and ask to meet with her, she automatically assumes she will meet with them in place of the department's director to discuss a donation to the school. Upon meeting the royalty of Lilaria, she is flabbergasted to find out that Duchess Rose and Crown Prince Alex were there for one reason--her--to tell her that her family is descendant of Lilarian royalty, and that it is time for her to claim her title.

It's hardly an easy decision. In Lilaria, fame, wealth, and status wait for her, and Prince Alex is starting to show her signs of interest... She will never have to worry about her financial security and rent again, but is a crown worth putting the pressure on her family and friends and leaving behind her dream career?

I actually expected there to be more political backstabbing and "royal" drama in this book as Sam has to adjust to her new life dubbed as "America's Duchess", but I feel like it was half about her moving into Lilaria and half about her relationship solely with Alex. It isn't an action packed or suspenseful story, just a cute contemporary romance to brighten up your day. Even though it didn't have a lot of the elements I usually look for in my choice of books, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Suddenly Royal.

And of course, part if that is because of Alex. He has been added onto our Book Boyfriend list. He is that utterly perfect Prince Charming with an added hint of sexy and ego that will make every lady around the world swoon on their feet. I really liked that Nichole Chase took the time to grow his and Sam's relationship too. At first he was just interested, but mostly there to help Sam adjust, at least until that grew into something more for both of them. You won't be finding much insta-love here!

Sam isn't lacking either. She has a sensible and collected exterior (mostly--you will probably get mad at her at one point though ;) ), but still has the undercurrent of fire and feisty-ness that will get her through her sticky situation. In otherwords, she's a girl with a tough backbone.

Obviously, I'm not royal, so I can hardly say if Nichole Chase's view on royalty and what they deal with is accurate, but I still love her take on them. I'm sure you will hate journalists and reporters by the end of this book :).

If you've got space on your shelf, be sure not to miss this modern-Cinderella story! I will be on the lookout in March for Recklessly Royal, which features a story about Cathy, Alex's younger sister. So glad I found this author!


*Side Note: I would just like to mention that Be With Me by J. Lynn (Jennifer L. Armentrout) and Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi are out today! Be looking out for those titles as well!

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